Peacock and removing content on other platforms.

From what I've seen, NBC is pretty handy with DMCA takedowns. With them now being in control of a lot of WWE's content, how do you think this will affect independent wrestling content creators likes Botchamania or OSW Review? How about historical content like the already removed Piper/Allen segment? If they control the rights to it, couldn't they pretty much copyright strike it almost to extinction online or pursue legal action against certain websites that specialize in downloading wrestling content? Could this have been another reason that the WWE sold, make this issue their problem that they don't need to spend money on pursuing? 

Peacock doesn't own the content, they're only leasing the rights to air it at the moment.  So I believe based on my shaky knowledge of the law in these things, that it's still on WWE to pursue people blatantly stealing their intellectual property like a common pickpocket, such as Maffew.  Which, by the way, is once again why I really try to avoid having YouTube videos from non-official sources posted on the blog in any form.  You never know when or who that WWE is going to buy the rights to next.