How to watch WWE Network in Canada?

Hi Scott

I'm hoping that you and/or your blog can help me out.  I live in Canada and I would like to know how my fellow countrymen are watching the WWE network now that it's moved to Peacock in the US.  I originally used a VPN and watched the network on my Roku and PS3.  Now that my WWE network subscription is coming to an end, I've subscribed thru my local cable provider (Bell).  Unfortunately I only have the live feed on whatever channel it's on and I don't know how to access the on demand stuff (I would prefer to watch it on my TV vs on my laptop).  I know Bell has WWE Network on demand, but it only had a limited number of shows, and it's mostly new stuff (Miz and Mrs, R Truth Game Show, etc, not the good classic stuff).

How does everyone else in Canada watch the Network?

Thank you.

I had a US Network subscription from day 1, and all you have to do is provide a fake US address (my go-to address is in Lafayette, LA) and then pay with Paypal.  No VPN was ever required, and Paypal automatically sent US funds from my account.  As of last week, I signed up with Sasktel for the bullshit $15/month Canadian version and converted my Network account to “TV provider”.  

Now, here's the thing:  I don't watch it on any other devices besides my computer, because literally all I use the Network for is reviewing shows and I do that by having it open in one window on my laptop while I have Word open in another window and I can listen with headphones.  That way I don't have to annoy my family with wrestling (except on Wednesdays for Dynamite where I have to watch it on the main TV, but they know and accept my AEW needs).  

The problem comes if you want to install the Network apps on something like a Playstation or Xbox or Roku, in which case you're mostly boned because they're not officially available in Canada.  It's certainly possible and I've done it by setting up a temporary US Playstation account on my PS4 and installing the app with that account.  So it's possible, but I don't care to do it.  

As for subscribing to the Network itself, you don't need a VPN so really all you need to do is pick a country with a good exchange rate (I've heard Poland is the best at the moment) and make a fake address for it, then switch your Network account location to that address and make sure you're paying with PayPal.  Again, WWE doesn't use geoblocking so you don't have to worry about it thinking you're in the wrong country or whatever.