Greetings and questions for the blog

Hiya Scott, long time no talk. If you don't remember me (and why would you?), you gave me a gmail invite back when those were a thing, and posted a Raw review I wrote (that was not well received). Water under the bridge. I've gotten back into wrestling fandom thanks to AEW. 

Onto the questions: 

You've said that you don't really watch the Dark(s), do you watch BTE? What's your opinion about talent these days performing more on their own social media than on the TV shows? 

What is the ideal size for a roster with two hours of TV a week to fill? How much of that roster should be enhancement talent? Who is going to be the first AEW wrestler to be future endeavored (they got nothing for them to do)?

Thanks for keeping a space for me to keep up with the product, I'm almost certain your reviews started me watching AEW. 
Back in the day it was pretty special to have one of the first Gmail addresses.  
Anyway, no I don't watch BTE because I prefer listening to Dave try to recap the jokes on Observer Radio the next morning and I feel like the experience would lose something if I ever actually watched the show myself.  
As for roster sizes, there's no right answer.  It's whatever makes for an entertaining show and keeps the talent happy.  I thought Shawn Spears was the first one let go but I guess someone changed their mind.  Although didn't they already fire someone?  The British guy whose name escapes me at the moment and did all the hardcore stuff?