The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 05.22.82

The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 05.22.82

I know I had promised NWA Back for the Attack PPV for this morning, but I’m just not feeling that one at the moment and this show makes me happy.

Taped from Charlotte, NC

Your hosts are Bob Caudle & Jake Roberts, with Roddy Piper joining in later.  This should be interesting.

So once again they’re still deciding on the dates for the best-of-seven tournament finals for the NWA World tag team titles, but it’s totally going to happen, fans!  Jake also discusses the new rule changes put into effect last week, where there must be a definitive winner for all matches and no more DQs.  So next week, himself and Johnny Weaver get a rematch with Slaughter’s Privates.  I’m surprised they didn’t ask to get their hands on his Privates this week!

Wahoo McDaniel & Don Muraco v. Steve Sybert & Jerry Moore

Wahoo ties up Sybert on the mat while Bob promises that next week, the cities will be named for the tag team tournament finals.  Muraco comes in and works the arm on Moore while Piper casts aspersions on Native Americans the world over, primarily Jack Brisco, but he’ll settle for fighting Wahoo anytime he wants.  Wahoo switches to the leg and Muraco comes in with a legdrop on the leg in a weird spot and then he works on it with a spinning toehold for a bit.  Piper stresses that he’s a MAN and he’s standing here asking for a fight and these babyfaces are all a bunch of cowards who are too cowardly to fight him.  No matter what Wrestling Revue magazine says!  Sybert tries a headlock on Wahoo, but gets chopped down, and Piper is so sick of watching Wahoo that he storms off.  Muraco goes to a chinlock on Sybert and this whole Magnificent Muraco as a babyface deal is such a weird flex.  Thankfully that would be fixed soon and it’s pretty epic.  Wahoo finishes Sybert with the big chop at 5:44.

Jack Brisco and his newly won Mid-Atlantic title join us at the desk and he knows what it’s like to get down and get tough with someone like Piper.

Gerry Brisco v. Tony Russo

The ref informs us that Russo’s partner didn’t show up, so Gerry decides to take the match as a single as a warmup because he hasn’t wrestled in a while.  So he takes Russo down and works the arm off a wristlock, then backdrops him out of the corner and goes back to the arm.  He does a nice bridge into a crucifix pin attempt and Russo manages to escape that a couple of times and then beats on Gerry in the corner.  He hits Gerry with a double knee and follows with a backdrop for two, but Brisco takes him down with a double-leg and ties up the leg on the mat.  At this point Jack Brisco leaves the commentary desk to take a phone call while they slug it out, and Gerry takes him down and puts him away with the figure-four at 5:30.  And then Roddy Piper suddenly dives out of nowhere off the top rope, landing on Gerry’s leg and doing serious damage to it.  I’m assuming they’re going to explain in a bit that Piper took out Russo’s tag team partner to get Gerry in the ring alone and then made a fake phone call to lure Jack away from the desk so he could attack.  Also brilliant because both guys were tied up in the figure-four and there was no time for either one to escape the hold and avoid the flying Piper.  That was a great angle!

Pretty Boy Carl Fergie v. Mike Davis

Davis works a headlock and Fergie reverses him to a headscissors on the mat while Wahoo joins us on commentary and promises to “make Piper squeal like a drowned rat” when he’s through with him.  That metaphor was a bit mixed.  Also, Wahoo claims that he’s from the some tribe as the Brisco Brothers, which is new information to me.  Did he also own a body shop?  Fergie stomps Davis down and gets a snapmare for two.  Davis makes a comeback, but misses a blind charge and Fergie finishes with a neckbreaker at 5:07.

Steve Sybert and Gerry Moore are the filler promo segment this week in place of the local drop-ins.

Killer Khan v. Ken Timbs

Khan beats on him while doing his wacky shrieks and then chokes away on the ropes and puts the boots to him.  He misses a charge and Timbs goes after the arm, but Khan chops him down again and unleashes his wrath.  Timbs comes back with an elbow, but Khan hits him with a legsweep and finishes with the kneedrop at 3:30.

Wahoo McDaniel admits that himself and Muraco have taking some singles matches to keep sharp because it’s taken a long time to crown Eastern champions, which is why he’s been getting shots at Sgt. Slaughter.

Paul Jones joins us and he’s disgusted with the actions of Roddy Piper against “Gerry Brisco and…uh…that other guy.”  TONY RUSSO.  The man has a name!  It’s not like he’s a referee where no one cares about him and wouldn’t stop for him if he was in the middle of a crosswalk.

King Parsons v. Jim Dalton

So Parsons is wearing red white and blue trunks, which I’m assuming is supposed to be reminiscent of Apollo Creed, but the layout is basically the French flag, which is probably not what he was going for.  Unless he’s a COMMIE.  Wait, is that the French?  Probably.  Whatever, doesn’t matter.  Parsons works on Dalton on the mat, but Dalton comes back and goes after the arm for a bit before running away and hiding in the ropes.  Parsons reverses to his own armbar and slugs away on the ropes, but he misses a blind charge and Dalton gets some forearms.  Parsons hits a pair of dropkicks for the pin at 4:32, however.  Man, I’m glad Parsons reinvented himself as Iceman fairly soon after this because he’s not showing ANY charisma in these early appearances.

Sgt. Slaughter v. Mike Rotunda

So this is Rotunda’s TV debut best as I can tell as he would have just broken into the sport, and he’s so nervous that he’s already sweating!  Well I’m sure he’ll get over that soon enough.  Rotunda takes him down with armdrags but Slaughter controls him with a headlock on the mat.  Rotunda escapes with a slam, and Slaugher misses a knee and that allows Rotunda to ride him on the mat for a bit.  Slaughter slugs him down again, but Rotunda gets a small package for two.  Slaughter fires back with forearms, but Rotunda gets a sunset flip for two as Sarge is giving this Rotunda kid a TON of shine for a rookie, and then finally hits him with an overhand right out of the corner and pins him with a handful of tights at 5:20.  Yeah you could tell there was plans for Rotunda.

Ole Anderson thinks that Jack Brisco is a bum because if someone injured HIS brother, he’d be out there kicking ass.  So Paul Jones comes out and challenges him to a match, offering to be Jack’s partner at some point, and that’s where we leave the show for the week as Ole just ignores the challenge and walks off like a complete prick.

So after all the hullabaloo and ballyhoo about the new rules last week, this week it was just a bunch of squashes and the rule changes meant absolutely nothing to the presentation of the product.

Awkward times are straight ahead, though, as the show is about to go through the equivalent of a bad divorce and I really wish we also had Georgia Championship Wrestling on the Network to compare and contrast.