solution to the clusterfuck that is the fiend storyline

For the sake of giving the fiend storyline a clear ending and allowing them to reboot Bray Wyatt, I have a solution to the crappy manner they've written themselves into a corner with the Fiend. 

The burnt Fiend at Fastlane was Cameron Grimes. He wants Alexa but knows Alexa is still obsessed with the Fiend so he's taking advantage of Bray going into hiding to sell the Fiend's “death” to basically usurp the identity of the character to court Bliss's crazy ass. Bray comes back at WM to try and expose Cameron but fails (though through vignettes we the viewers will already find out that Cameron's moonlighting as the Fiend and has used his newfound wealth to steal Bray's special effects team that help him pretend to have magic powers, ala Mysterio in Far From Home). Bray as such, is now back at square one persona-wise, now has to “kill” the fiend and unmask him as Cameron and win Alexa back, though even when she finds out the truth, Alexa sides with Cameron because he's wealthy and even eviler than Bray since he was able to hijack the Fiend persona until she finds out that he is now nearly broke at which point she dumps Grimes' butt and get rejected by Bray when he realizes she's not only crazy but also a golddigger. 

The Fiend gets a big send off, Cameron Grimes gets a big push on the main roster, and Bray/Alexa gets to reinvent themselves into something new. 


Sure, let’s go with that one.