At least they had that graphic ready to go

The problem with Raw in a nutshell… Last night Randy Orton says he wants to end The Fiend for good. So he brings out another gasoline can and I’m like, “Yeah, good plan, dingus. That worked so well last time.” It doesn’t, and The Fiend gets the better of Orton. Alexa Bliss points at the fucking sign, and we cut IMMEDIATELY to a graphic hyping the match. Randy looks like a moron, and we’re forced to believe that this undead, charred, superhuman monster who survived a murder attempt has interest in settling that issue at the family-friendly showcase of the immortals in Tampa, FL (the American city equivalent of a Fuddruckers).

The whole thing is a waste of everyone’s time and an insult to all of our intelligence. We all knew this is where they were going, but the principals have to play it straight and go through the motions as if it weren’t obvious. Your mileage may vary on this program (some enjoy it – it’s not really for me), but that immediate cut to the damn graphic just bothers the shit out of me.

I suppose my question (if there is one) is how do you build to and/or announce the match in a less idiotic and insulting way?

I dunno, but there was someone in the comments last night that mentioned a potential cinematic match between them where they magically get sucked into a TV that’s playing WWE Network highlights and end up getting CGI imposed into classic matches while doing their shit and now I kinda need to see that.   Like Vince throws to Aretha Franklin at WM3 and you suddenly see them fighting on her piano?  That would legitimately be amazing.