Smackdown – October 20, 2006

Date: October 20, 2006
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
Attendance: 17,169
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield

It’s time for another guest stars show as John Cena and Big Show are here to scout for the upcoming Champion Of Champion match. That could make for a bit of a problem though as King Booker is defending the title against Batista following a #1 contenders match on last week’s show. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

MVP vs. Kane

MVP talks some trash before Kane’s entrance but the fire cuts him off. Some right hands rock Kane to start but he shows MVP how they are really done. A shot to the face puts MVP on the floor but Kane throws him right back inside. That’s fine with MVP, who gets in a shot to the knee to take over. Back in and Kane uppercuts his way up from his knee, setting up a big boot. There’s the side slam into the top rope clothesline as JBL continues to not be able to stand MVP. A low blow breaks up the chokeslam for the DQ, allowing MVP to run away.

Elijah Burke vs. Vito

Sylvester Terkay is at ringside and Vito is a French maid this week. Vito punches him down to start but misses a top rope elbow as JBL keeps freaking out over the dress. Burke sends him into the corner and some elbows to the back set up the armbar. That’s broken up as Vito makes the comeback but spends too much time messing with the skirt, allowing Burke to knock him into the ropes. Terkay’s big boot finishes Vito.

Rating: D+. Hopefully this starts wrapping up the dress bit as there is little reason to feature Vito once he loses like this. There wasn’t much of a shelf life to the gimmick anyway and we are long past the expiration point. Burke and Terkay seem great on paper but for some reason nothing has clicked yet. That is becoming quite the trend for them and that isn’t a bad thing.

Gregory Helms and Matt Hardy talk trash to each other, with Helms asking how long it has been since Hardy held a title. Teddy Long comes in to give Helms a match with the Undertaker tonight.

Fans have seen the Marine.

William Regal talks about being a great wrestler who has held lots of titles but that has not been the case as of late. He has been focused on everyone else and that is stopping right now. Regal introduces us to his friend Dave Taylor, who is here to help him stay on track.

William Regal/Dave Taylor vs. Scotty 2 Hotty/Funaki

Regal is in purple trunks for a change. A knee to the face rocks Funaki to start as JBL makes racist jokes. Taylor comes in to drop Funaki ribs first across the top rope and Regal comes back in for a chinlock. With that not working, Taylor comes back in to hit Funaki in the face. Regal does the same and a boot to Funaki’s face cuts off his comeback attempt. A knee sends Funaki into the corner though and Scotty is allowed to come in with Regal not even trying to break it up. Taylor hits a butterfly suplex with a floatover to pin Scotty.

Rating: C-. This was all about establishing Taylor and Regal as a serious team and it did that well enough. There was no drama here but it wasn’t that kind of a match. The tag division needs a fresh team and these two could work out rather well in that role. Let them try as they already have a chemistry and experience. Could it be that much worse than everyone else?

Video on Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

I Quit match. Chavo hammers away in the corner to start but the 619 chants bring Rey back up. Rey sends him outside for the big running flip dive and they’re both down on the floor. A posting puts Chavo down again, followed by Rey dropkicking a chair into Chavo’s face in the corner.

Back up and a Vickie distraction lets Chavo start in on the leg, which has a history of working against Rey. Chavo even ties the chair around the knee for a frog splash, which still isn’t enough to make Rey give up. They go up the ramp with Chavo staying on the knee, only to have Rey kick him off the ramp. The running seated senton to the floor hits Chavo again, which shows you just how high that stage is.

A Crossface isn’t enough to make Chavo quit so Rey chokes with the chair. He can’t follow up though, allowing Chavo to throw him onto some equipment cases. Rey gets in a right hand and climbs the lighting structure but Chavo knocks him into a Tree of Woe in the structure. Some chair shots to the knee are enough to make Rey give up.

Rating: B-. That’s the last you’ll be seeing of Rey until August as he needed another knee surgery. This was a heck of a showcase for Chavo, who really does not have a major win to his credit. Rey was World Champion about three months ago so this still carries some weight. Rey needed to go away and it was nice to see them elevate someone on his way out for a bit.

Gregory Helms vs. Undertaker

Non-title. Helms tries to dodge a bit but gets punched in the corner, taking the turnbuckle pad off in the process. Snake Eyes into a big boot connects but here is Mr. Kennedy for a distraction. That doesn’t exactly work as Undertaker sends him into the steps and drives Helms into the post. A chokeslam into the Tombstone finishes Helms in a hurry.

Post match Kennedy tries to jump him again but gets knocked down. The threat of a chokeslam sends Kennedy running.

Here is Miz to host a Diva Dance Off. The women come out but we need judges, so here are Nick and Aaron Carter. Miz brings up Layla having Big Dick Johnson dance on him a few weeks ago but gives her a hug to show that everything is ok. The women dance, Kristal grinds on Miz, he picks her as the winner, the Carters say it was Layla, a catfight ensues. More of the same from this stuff.

The Marine has actions scenes.

Smackdown World Title: Batista vs. King Booker

Booker is defending with Big Show and John Cena coming out to watch. Batista powers him into the corner to start before grabbing a headlock. Booker’s shoulder can’t take Batista down but Booker manages to send him outside for a cheap shot from a hidden Finlay. Back in and the Book End gives Booker two and Batista gets tied up in the ropes.

Some forearms to the chest and a kick to the head knock him to the floor for a crash Back in and we hit the chinlock but Batista fights up for the clothesline comeback. The spinebuster connects so Booker goes outside, where Batista drives him into Big Show. Back in and Batista hits the spear but Show comes in for the DQ.

Rating: D+. I’m not sure if there was even the first hint of drama to the result but these two still don’t have the best matches together. Maybe it’s a styles clash or something but it really doesn’t fit all that well together. The ending being a matter of time rather than any doubt didn’t do them any favors though and there was only so much that they could do.

Post match the big brawl is on with Cena and Batista taking Big Show down. Teddy Long comes out to make the tag match for next week.

Overall Rating: C-. Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio saved the day here as otherwise this would have been one of the lamest Smackdowns in a long time. It’s pretty clear that the show is being put on hold until we get to Cyber Sunday and that makes for some rather dull television. The wrestling was ok but it didn’t feel like much of it mattered, at least not in the present. Totally skippable show, though Chavo vs. Rey was good.


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