Saturday Night Fight Thread

Aw man, RIP to the Zodiak, Barry “O” Orton.

Anyway, today was the Snyder Cut viewing day, and speaking as someone who liked the original version just fine, I thought the new version was…a bit better.  Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t watched yet.

What I liked:

  • Snyder’s version definitely fixed the color saturation and bad CGI weirdness in stuff like the parademon battle at the end of the movie.  It looked WAY better. Also the whole subplot with Flash saving the Russian family was stupid and I didn’t miss it.
  • Whereas the first version had me going “What the F--- is going on?” at several points due to plot being chopped out for time, this one went in the complete opposite direction and if you asked me at most points of the film “What the F--- is going on?” there was a better than average chance that I could tell exactly what the f--- was going on.  I appreciate that.  In particular at the beginning of the movie, Snyder actually let most of the major expository stuff breathe and so you got a really good idea of what the Mother Box deal actually was and what it meant.
  • Cyborg was treated way better in this one, although I still don’t buy him as an A-Lister.
  • Hey, it’s Darkseid!  The movie finally has a real villain now and not just his 4th-in-line underling loser Steppenwolf.

What I didn’t like:

  • This is a hot take, I know, but THIS MOVIE WAS WAY TOO LONG.  There is a happy medium between “Adding some extra exposition to flesh out the plot” and “15 minutes of slow motion battle scene with Wonder Woman fighting the wannabe terrorists” and this movie veered WAY to far into the latter category.  Look, I’m sorry that you weren’t able to build backstories for Cyborg and Flash and Aquaman BEFORE the original movie came out, you know, like the MCU did before they made Avengers and all, but that ship has sailed and I’m just not interested in seeing it anymore.  For every bit of needless jokey plot and pointless story beats that Snyder removed from the theatrical version here, it seemingly got replaced by 10 times as much slow-moving backstory.  Which leads to my next point…
  • This is supposed to be a story about Superman and he’s not in the damn movie until TWO AND A HALF HOURS into it.  Even then he’s barely in the movie in costume doing Superman stuff even once he’s in it.  This brings up the most irritating point about the whole thing, which is that…
  • Killing off Superman in BvS was a stupid idea to begin with and the entire premise of this movie was not a good one.  You can expand out the explanations and backstories all you want, but at the end of the day I don’t really want to see Superman getting killed and having to be jumpstarted back to life to bail out the other 5 people who can’t figure out how to do their jobs.  They needed a better script in the first place and this wasn’t it.
  • Also, the Knightmare sequence at the end was such sad sequel bait.  “Hey, let’s make the next one EVEN DARKER!”  That’ll be great, said no one.

Anyway, I’d say I liked this one about as much as the original because the improvements were balanced out by the self-indulgent crap for the most part and it was just never a great idea to begin with.  Is it bad?  No.  It’s fine, it’s OK, it probably would have been better off split into a 6 part mini series but it is what it is.