NXT Lifers

Hi Scott

Do you see the current NXT crop making the transition to the main roster, or are they NXT for life?

Someone like Adam Cole, or especially Johnny Gargano, surely have nothing left to prove in NXT. But I can't see them flourishing on the Main Roster. And that goes for a lot of the roster. Pete Dunne looks a huge star in NXT but does that translate to Raw or Smackdown?

So I guess I'm asking do you see this current NXT roster making the transition to Raw/Smackdown, are they NXT for life or is AEW now a viable alternative to life inside the WWE system?
I absolutely think Pete Dunne translates to the main roster and I've been advocating for him to move up forever.  Like what the hell are they even waiting for with him?  But yeah, Adam Cole and Gargano have zero chance as long as Vince is still the guy running the show.  You can work on promos and working to the hard camera, but you can't grow a foot and a half. That's why the people in that particular circle of NXT lifers desperately need the show to expand to a viable third international brand, because otherwise they're gonna be stuck in NXT limbo for the rest of their careers.