WWE Hall of Fame – who can be ruled out?

Hi Scott

I know the WWE HOF inductees are decided by a committee of Vince McMahon and no one – but there are a few that are out of his hands. For example, Owen Hart isn’t going in as long as his widow and kids are against it.

Chris Benoit isn’t going in and that seems to suggest means Nancy/Woman can’t either. But what about Kevin Sullivan? Is he too linked to Benoit? Or could they get Nancy and/or Sullivan in as part of a Legacy class?

I don’t want to sound overly disrespectful about it, but Woman wasn’t exactly a Hall of Fame talent to begin with and trying to sneak her in as a Legacy induction while ignoring the most notable part of her life is kind of insulting to everyone.  If we’ve gotta jump through logistical hoops to avoid the subject, then it’s probably best to just stick with honouring the Bella’s and Kokos of the world with a nice ceremony and fresh Legends payday for them.