PRIME TIME Thursday Thread: March 18, 2021

“Welcome, wrestling fans, to another edition of Prime Time here on Thursday night.”

“Lemme tell ya, Monsoon, it feels great to be back in the studio!”

“And a lot of big news has gone down in the past seven days, Let’s start with one of your guys, Tully Blanchard, setting up a family of his own.”

“He put Tessa up for adoption?”

“A wrestling family, Brain!  Not just FTR and Shawn Spears, but now he’s with Wardlow and Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and they call themselves the Pinnacle!  Pinnacle of underhanded bush league tactics if you ask me.”

“And you know that with a guy who studied under the Brain, they’re the smartest group in AEW!”

“Smartest?  Ha!  I bet Tully Blanchard thinks Pinnacle is a card game!  In addition to that, we are setting up all of your classic wrestling action with our fine friends at NBC.  The process of moving over the library has begun, Brain.”

“Boy, what an accomplishment that’ll be.  Soon you can go from watching the Premier League to watching WrestleMania.  Of course, there’s slightly higher stakes for WrestleMania.”

“Indeed there is.”

“And speaking of big deals, TNA and AEW are on the road to having the same champion now.”

“That’s right.  It’ll be Rich Swann against Kenny Omega on Saturday, April 24.  The winner will be both the Impact Wrestling heavyweight champion and the AEW heavyweight champion.  What a showdown that’ll be — title for title is always something else, Brain.”

“I remember when I won a bunch of titles.”

“You?  When?”

“Growing up!  Of course, you were already 60 years old then…”

“Don’t start, Heenan.  Folks, it’s time to go to our feature bout, and today we focus on two of the best women’s wrestlers south of the border.  It’s Zeuxis taking on Ayako Hamada!”

“Zeuxis?  The dude from No Holds Barred has a daughter?”

“You don’t have a clue.”

(Yeah, I’m a little out of practice with Gorilla and Heenan.  I’ll get better.  In the meantime, bring the insanity.)