Matt Cardona to AEW

Have you got any idea why Matt Cardona hasn't been picked up and pushed to the top by AEW. The guy is one of the best in ring workers in the USA today, amazing promo certainly better than anyone in AEW except maybe Moxley and Eddie Kingston. He's also one of the best looking guys in wrestling right now who would catch the eye of non wrestling fans on poster. Surely all these qualities make him a much better pick then Christian?!

Is there something going on we don't know about?

They’re already at their quota of guys named Matt.  People were complaining.  TOP PEOPLE.  I mean, sure, if it was up to me I’d love to have a guy as good looking as Cardona in the mix but I only have so much pull with TK.  Might I suggest checking out the Gunn Club instead?  They’re ACTUAL bro’s! And pretty easy on the eyes, I’ve heard.  
Hope that helps.