Trim the fat

I don't think it's a surprise to see the AEW roster has gotten a bit bloated, so let's have a challenge and maybe fun discussion in the comments: you have to cut 5 men or women from the AEW roster, with the following caveats:

1. Have to be semi regularly featured on Dynamite, so guys like Nakazawa or Sonny Kiss are off limits. They aren't getting significant prime time exposure to mean a thing to the cuts.

2. Can't be Marko Stunt, too easy, so its basically cutting 6 and assuming Marko is 1 of them.

3. At least 1 from each gender. 
Cut the Bunny if she counts.  I like Butcher and Blade but they don’t serve much purpose and can go.  Colt Cabana can go, Vickie can go, Dustin can probably wrap it up and go train now.