Unintentionally great heel or face promos?

Ola Scott!,

I've been remembering past Wrestlemanias day-by-day with friends because “tis the season” and I stumbled upon a question for the blog: Is there a promo you like for actually being really effective at the *opposite* goal of its intention? A babyface that actually gives a really awesome heel promo if appreciated for that merit rather than vice-versa?

I was looking at Mania V again and there's the really overlong mid-show Hogan interview (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oyx9z1qUPS4) that I used to write off as the usual Hogan “seimsic faultlines will crumble” nonsense. That is until I realized that it's actually a secretly great heel promo!

starts out with Hogan keeping his facade of a babyface who's torn up
that Megapowers didn't last (“we were the best of friends,” etc.),
subtly shifts to snark (“the mania was a little ahead of the
madness…”) which turns to gaslighting (Hogan accuses *Savage* of being
the one that put Elizabeth between them) which he then tries to pass off as something he actually
*doesn't* care about (“I don't care where you stand…” then why did he bring it up?) so he can reassert
his facade as the honorable competitor (“I want the whole world to know
that I beat you at your best!”) culminating in his finally revealing
what his endgame was all along (“I *will* be the World Wrestling
Federation Champion!”).

What say you?


I think you're overlooking the greatest of them all, which was Vince McMahon trying to bury Bret Hart after the Survivor Series with the “Time Honored Tradition” promo that I assume was supposed to paint himself as a babyface victim, and accidentally creating the Mr. McMahon character as a mega-heel that no sane human being could have ever seen coming.