The Sunday Night Thread

I’m very confused by Daylight Savings as usual because I’m a simple Saskatchewan person who doesn’t celebrate it, so I’m not sure if Andy is late posting the Sunday thread or I’m early.  Anyway, here it is!

Two title changes on the Impact “PPV” last night, with the Two Yayhoos From Impact dropping the titles to Juice & Finlay, as well as Rich Swann unifying the Impact and TNA World titles into what I can only assume is now the TNA Impact World title, soon to be added to Kenny Omega’s collection after the April PPV.

The main event of the NWA return PPV show, Back for the Attack, featuring alleged woman-attacker and right wing nut Tyrus in some kind of role, is Nick Aldis defending the World title he’s held for three years straight now against Aron Stevens in a tribute to Question Mark.  Unfortunately the show is directly opposite WWE’s Fastlane PPV.  Was there really NO other timeslot available?  Anyway, I have literally never heard of any of the other names advertised for this show thus far and I have no desire to pay money for yet another empty arena wrestling show, so this is a hard pass for me.

Have a great night!  Hopefully we’ve fixed the spambot problem for the moment, but Disqus charges $100 a month for me to block links in comments (no, seriously) so is this doesn’t take care of it, there’s not much else I can do.