Promoters and PPV

A history question for you:

We all know that the old-school promoters were very antsy about cable TV because of its potential to shatter the imaginary borders drawn up to separate the various territories.  But I’m not 100% clear on how they felt about the then-burgeoning PPV technology.

I’ve read from some sources that they were equally skittish about PPV for the same reasons as cable.  But I’ve also read that far from being against it, they were anxious for it to come along: promotions had already been doing closed-circuit events for years,
and what was PPV but “closed-circuit in your home”?  The benefit of PPV over cable is that it could be kept strictly regional, and that was why they were for it, according to this version.
So, the question is, what *did* the old-timers think about PPV as it was coming down the pike?

Hmm…how can I put this?