AEW Revolution

I was the one that sent in the AEW email quoting Chris Jericho's “we only want a handful of WWE guys” comment. After reading the comments to that email, I have to say this. There's always this enormous misconception in the comment section that a person saying even the slightest negative thing about AEW must be a troll. That person MUST be an AEW hater. I can't think of the poster's name who always claims this to be true but I always see his avatar of a dorky looking gentleman drinking a beverage. Let me say this, I'm an AEW fan. My email was sent in as a discouraged AEW fan. I've watched every episode of Dynamite since it started in October 2019. I thought up until the pandemic, Dynamite was by far the most visually pleasing wrestling show on television. It looked amazing in big arenas. Top notch production values and loved seeing a motivated, unchained Jon Moxley.

Two years in, the issue I have is them claiming that this was going to be a revolution. I remember vividly Matt Jackson making the speech during their introduction press conference where they claimed they were going to change the world. Tony Khan, without blinking once, asked them if they wanted to change the world and they said “Yep!”   Honestly though, how have they revolutionized wrestling/sports entertainment? Name one thing. They hire any hack from WWE they can get their hands on right now….coming soon Shorty G and the guy that carries Charlotte Flair's bags into the arena!  They're in the early stages of Tony Khan as an on-screen authority figure. The company is less than 2 years old and they will soon have 4 weekly shows. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they soon do monthly PPV's.  

This looks to me like the same old tired concepts we've been putting up with since 1997. Far from a revolution, eh?

I'm no fan of the Dark shows but they're literally just extra stuff on YouTube you can watch or disregard how you choose.