Liz & Ric

There’s a blizzard allegedly trying to start in Denver right now, so I’m trapped in the house with my kids. They’re playing at the moment, so I’m watching Bash at the Beach 96 for the first time in a while.

Seeing Elizabeth with Ric Flair, I thought of Wrestlemania 8, and Flair’s whole storyline with Savage. I’m half in the bag, so my immediate thought was “Hey, Flair finally landed Liz!” I don’t feel like looking it up, so can you provide some context for how she ended up with Flair? I can’t remember. Unrelated: What the f--- was up with Konnan’s dumb gear at this event? It looks like he’s wearing a skirt.

Konnan did a lot of drugs I'm pretty sure.
I don't think the implication was ever that Liz was “with” Flair, it was more that she was gleefully screwing Savage over out of spite by funnelling Randy's alimony money to Flair and had only done the surprise return to set him up.