Hogan’s 1993 burial


Unless I'm misremembering, the old story that Hogan's refusal to put over Bret at Summerslam was the impetus for jobbing him out at King of the Ring and turfing him from the WWF has been debunked (that specific scenario: I'm still not clear whether or not a
Hogan/Bret match was ever being considered).  If that wasn't the reason, what *was* the motivation to basically squash him and then go “out of sight, out of mind” with him?  Was it simply down to Hogan taking two months off after they took the trouble to hotshot
the title onto him?  And how do you even book a Hogan/Bret match if it actually goes?  Bret tended to work heelish in face/face matches, but would crowds buy that against Hogan?

PS. I see you've relabeled Tatanka's finisher.  I understand the sentiment behind the change, but all things considered, is “Wig-Wam Bomb” really *that* much more PC than “Papoose-to-Go”?

Wig Wam Bomb is a Johnny Polo reference from when he was doing commentary in between managing and going to ECW.  He was AMAZING and I wish he would have stuck with it.  As for the Hogan deal, it sort of retroactively became a squash because he never came back, but the intention was moreso building a rematch between them, which is why there was so much heat put on Yokozuna at the time.  Had they really been squashing Hogan, they would have just beaten him clean and not done the gimmicked photographer and buttdrop afterwards and all that.  It would have more likely been Hogan taking the buttdrop and then just disappearing.  However, there was legitimate bitterness from the WWF side because of Hogan's ill-advised comments about the WWF Title while he was in Japan, so really who knows for sure?  I do however think the whole Bret side of the thing comes mostly from Bret and his interpretation of what was “supposed” to be happening and has long since gone away as a viable theory.