WWE’s aging main event scene

Hey Scott,

Curious what you thought about WWE's aging main event scene. I feel like it's a mixed bag. On the one hand, yes, A LOT of their main eventers are getting up there (by athlete standards.) Edge, AJ, Brock, Orton, Lashley, Mysterio, Hardy, Bryan are all in their 40s. 

The heart of the main event scene (Reigns, McIntyre, Rollins, Owens) are already in their mid-30s. Not that unusual. Austin was 34 at WM14. Seems like mid-30s is a good age to have the core of your main event scene. 

But I'm curious what the next influx of young talent is going to be. In 2002, you had Brock, Orton, Cena, all in their 20s core aboard and infuse the company with a lot of young energy. In 2012, The Shield and Wyatt's came aboard. But now it's 10 years later and who's on deck? 

I made a list of wrestlers by ages below. The promising young guys I see are Pete Dunne (he's only 27!) Aleister Black and Andrade. But it's not looking good. And I'm not sure any of those guys are future main eventers. Plus, guys like Damian Priest and Keith Lee are already 38 and 36. 

So where's the next generation coming from?

Older: +40

Edge – 47

Rey Mysterio – 46

Bobby Lashley – 44

Brock Lesnar – 43

AJ Styles – 43

Jeff Hardy – 43

Sheamus – 43

Shinsuke Nakamura – 41

Randy Orton – 40

The Miz – 40

Dolph Ziggler – 40

Daniel Bryan – 39

Finn Balor – 39

Kofi Kingston – 39

Established/Current (below 40)

Braun Strowman – 37

Kevin Owens – 36

Roman Reigns – 35

Drew McIntyre – 35

Seth Rollins – 34

Bray Wyatt – 33

Unestablished/Potential future stars:

Damian Priest – 38

Keith Lee – 36

Big E – 35

Matt Riddle – 35

Aleister Black – 35

Mustafa Ali – 34


Johnny Gargano – 33

Ricochet – 32

Andrade – 31

Adam Cole – 31

Otis – 29

Pete Dunne – 27

Don't forget the Big Strong Boy, Tyler Bate, although who knows if he'll make it out of the UK any time soon.
But seriously, is there any valid reason why Bate, Dunne, Ripley and Toni Storm all shouldn't be on the main roster right now?  What the fuck are they waiting for exactly?  Aleister Black is apparently just hanging out in catering now during the prime of his career.  They literally have a murderer's row of top talent just sitting around doing nothing and it doesn't matter, because as long as they pump out 20 hours of content a week or whatever it is, they keep the networks happy.