What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – December 26, 1995

A video package recaps the feud between Rey Misterio, Jr. and Psicosis.

Joey Styles talks about how Woman controls all the titles in ECW.  He acknowledges rumors on the WCW Hotline that WCW Champion Randy Savage wants Woman to manage him.  However, Styles says that Woman has given her word that she is staying with ECW.  Call the ECW Hotline to find out more!

The Rey Misterio, Jr.-Psicosis Mexican Death match from November to Remember ’95 airs, along with the post-match argument between Misterio and Jason that triggered a beatdown by the Eliminators until 911 made the save.

Lance Wright announces that 911 and Rey Misterio, Jr. will wrestle the Eliminators at House Party ’96.

The Eliminators say that they are not scared of 911.  Perry Saturn is starting to talk like a normal person in his promos, which is a marked improvement.

911 cuts a promo about how it is time to take the Eliminators to the extreme.

ECW Champion the Sandman vows to give Konnan a beating he will be proud to take back to Mexico at House Party ’96.

A graphic emphasizes that the purpose of House Party ’96 is to bid farewell to the Public Enemy.

Styles narrates a video package that recaps the Pitbulls-Eliminators feud.  This includes highlights of December to Dismember, where Jason’s interference helped the Eliminators prevail.  After the match, the Eliminators tried to beat up Francine but 911 made the save.

A recap of Buh Buh Ray Dudley’s dancing and altercation with the Heavenly Bodies on last week’s show airs.

Styles announces that Jimmy del Ray will wrestle Buh Buh Ray at House Party ’96.  del Ray is on the outs with Raven because Dr. Tom Prichard bolted for the WWF.  Styles interviews Buh Buh Ray, who vows to beat him up like a red headed stepchild.  Big Dick Dudley sits off camera during the interview, growling at the cameraman and forcing him to keep the shot steady.

ECW Champion the Sandman puts a cigarette out in his hand, telling Styles that he will pay any price to win matches.

A promo montage sees the Eliminators vow to fight anyone and 911 nearly chokeslam Pat Kelly of the New York Yankees.  A clean-shaven Cactus Jack cuts a promo from his home with his daughter Noelle about how he is enjoying the holidays but is tempted to hit someone with a cookie sheet.  Then Jack goes on the road, with a kid telling him that he is not really Cactus Jack.  When Jack shows that he only has one ear the kid responds “That’s gross!”  Bill Alfonso yells about how is not scared of anyone, but he quickly runs to get Taz when he realizes he is alone, and then when he gets Taz back he finds his courage again to call everyone out.  Styles talks with Scott Clark of WABC-TV in New York and tries to get him to mirror his “Oh my god!” call.  911 has Rey Misterio, Jr. on his shoulders and Misterio talks about how he is the new big man in ECW.  911 later says that the Eliminators will sweat him.  ECW Champion the Sandman reiterates driving Konnan back to ECW, while the Pitbulls and Francine warn the Eliminators that they love a good fight.  And Steve Austin vows to win the ECW Championship.

The Last Word:  The Mexican Death match made this a worthwhile episode for fans, even if the promos were less than inspiring for the rest of the broadcast.  It is odd that ECW did not to show the Ultimate Jeopardy match from December to Dismember since that got a lot of hype on television so the match must have been terrible.  As this was the last episode of Hardcore TV for the year one can easily argue there were a lot more hits on these episodes than misses and they effectively hid the shortcomings of the ECW product while giving fans lots of reasons to keep buying tickets to the ECW Arena or other house shows.  The fruits of that labor will become apparent at the next show in Queens, New York, which attracted the promotion’s largest crowd to date.

ECW began the Holiday Hell Tour in Glenolden, Pennsylvania on December 28.  Here was the result of that show, courtesy of thehistoryofwwe.com:

Glenolden, Pennsylvania – Briarcliffe Fieldhouse – December 28, 1995 (400):  Taz beat Don E. Allen…El Puerto Ricano defeated Koji Nakagawa…Buh Buh Ray Dudley & Dances with Dudley beat the Bad Crew…Hack Myers defeated J.T. Smith (substituting for Steve Austin)…The Eliminators (substituting for the Heavenly Bodies) beat the Pitbulls…Television Champion 2 Cold Scorpio beat Johnny Grunge…911 pinned Bruiser Mastino…Tommy Dreamer & Mikey Whipwreck beat Raven & Stevie Richards in a falls count anywhere match…Sabu beat Rocco Rock…ECW Champion the Sandman pinned Cactus Jack.

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