Blood and Guts

Hey Scott, 

So last year we were robbed of AEW's version of Wargames “Blood and Guts' between The Inner Circle and The Elite. Although we did get the Stadium Stampede match out of it, which was fun but a little goofy at times, we never got the brutal violent blowoff to that feud that the Blood and Guts match would have had. 

Fast forward to this year, after last nights formation of the newer, cooler, and more badass version of the Inner Circle lead by MJF do you think that this will finally lead to a Blood and Guts wargames style match at some point this year?

Well we got an EXPLODING BARBED WIRE DEATH MATCH out of the pandemic era, so I'm pretty sure they'll be able to do the Blood & Guts match at some point this year, yeah.  It'll probably be the trump card for when they need to do a REALLY big rating on Dynamite if I had to guess.