Wrestlemania 8 questions

Curious about a few things from WM 8.
Lex Luger did an interview via satellite with Gorilla and Bobby.  Why wasn’t he at the show?  Was that because he was WBF guy and appearing would have violated his WCW release?

Also was Flair-Savage ever considered to go on last considering it was for the WWF Title or was it always Hogan-Sid?  Also why the DQ for Hogan-Sid?  Did Sid refuse to job to Hulk?

Yes, Luger appearing on the show would have violated his WCW contract because he was only released on the condition that he was retired from wrestling.  

Hogan-Sid was always going last.  They did the DQ because Hulk was teasing retirement but they didn't want to beat Sid when they had big plans for him through the summer.