Kyle O’Reilly and an idea for Prince Finn

So if Kyle O'Reilly is now going to be wearing Dean Ambrose's hand me downs, can he also wear Dean's gas mask and claim it's to ward off the smell of mendacity from Adam Cole?

Also, instead of Karrion Kross showing up out of nowhere in the ring at the very end, it should have been Dexter Lumis. With the punchline being him showing up with two bottles of beer (one for him and one for Finn Balor) as far as him continuing his awkward attempts at making new friends and Finn reluctantly taking the celebratory drink from Lumis.

Putting Finn and Dexter together as a sort of bash brothers style pairing could do a lot of stuff to justify Finn's presence in NXT and further build towards Dexter as the future of NXT: Finn starts manipulating Dexter to be his bodyguard and flunky, with the bonus points of Finn knowing that aligning with Dexter will further given him an edge over Roderick Strong given Strong's past with Dexter along with leverage for when Finn eventually tries to reunify the two top NXT titles via beating Johnny Gargano. Eventually Dexter realizes Finn is using him, turning on him (and giving us a big moment for Dexter to finally speak; saying “no” to Finn when Finn demands he do something beyond the pale) and gives us Dexter winning the belt off of Finn to begin his reign as the top guy of NXT. 

Jesse Baker

Why am I not surprised that you're stanning for Dexter Lumis?