What Now?

I’m sure you’re getting a lot of emails about the Glowing Sparklers Of Severe Discomfort, so I want to go a different way. Where does AEW go from here for Omega? I’m sure we’re going to get the inevitable tag match with Moxley and Kingston, but as far as the world title goes, who is next up? I was trying to think of who would be main-eventing the next PPV to entice buys, but I couldn’t think of who was on that level yet. I don’t think they would put Fenix there, so maybe Hangman to really have that blow-off? Archer?
It's a tough call.  Especially with a couple of months to build it up.  I guess the easy solution is Eddie Kingston fighting to avenge Moxley.  Maybe they throw Christian in there to justify the hype of the signing?