Sting’s next angle

Sting cuts a promo on Dynamite saying that he feels great after the street fight, and that he feels like he’s still in his prime and he thinks he’s got a few more matches left in him, and he wants the best that AEW can give him. Cue Kenny Omega to tell Sting to back up because he’s an old man. Sting says to bring it.

Good Brothers attack him and Kenny does the One Winged Angel. Sting goes off on a stretcher. It sets up a huge return storyline for Sting, and hopefully makes Kenny into the biggest heel in the company.  Just picture Justin Roberts’ introduction saying that he ended the career of a supposed legend, although he never sold out any arena in NORTH CAROLINA!!!

I don't feel like Sting taking the One Winged Angel would be particularly beneficial for his long-term neck problems.