Bad Brothers

Like many, I didn’t think AEW Revolution was anything fantastic, but I paid $50 to see Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley try and kill each other and they delivered in spades so I feel like I got my money’s worth.

But we’ve gotta talk about that ending…  No, not THAT ending.  I spent an hour after the show laughing at all the memes / Botchamania videos that everyone seemed to race to their computers to post.  While I feel bad for the parties involved, the whole point of watching this stuff is to be entertained, and that was certainly entertaining.

No, by the ending I mean ending the match with a lame run-in by Gallows & Anderson.  Someone on the live thread indicated they had “X-Pac heat” and as much as I enjoyed Talk’n-Shop-A-Mania, these guys have seemingly made no effort to do anything the least bit entertaining since getting to AEW.  I get that they’re bad guys, but so are Omega & Callis and they’ve done funny stuff almost every week.

What’s the deal with Chad 2 Badd and Sex Ferguson being heat sucking missiles so far during their AEW run?

Apparently they're pretty funny on Being the Elite.