The Explosion Death Match

You hit the nail right on the head when you said this should have been done in a empty stadium, taped.  With a small crowd you weren't going to lose the paying customer aspect it of seeing it live.  Imagine if they put in the effort and production they did with the Stadium Stampede Match.  Plus I think part of the curious appeal of those 90's death matches was this ring with all this room around it in a giant stadium with explosions everywhere. The match had great psychology for the gimmick and Moxley with the Onita fashion tribute was an awesome touch.  Everyone makes mistakes and this certainly isn't a sinlge nail twoards any kind of coffin, but this will be looked back on and made fun of for the lifetime of AEW I feel. Stay safe.
Everyone needs to have a Wrestlecrap moment to keep them humble, I guess.  Hopefully TK learns the lesson about over promising and takes it to heart.  Like when his cheques come to me every month and they’re even bigger than promised!
Just kidding, it’s 2021, I use PayPal.