Daily News Update – 03.06.21

Less than two weeks until the Snyder Cut is a real thing that happens.  Much like the Chinese Democracy album, I’m not going to be 100% convinced it actually exists until I can watch it.  I mean, I probably WON’T watch it because FOUR HOURS LONG, but I’m still at even money that it’s all an elaborate troll on us all.

Speaking of trolling us all, Disqus put new “moderation rules” in place that you have to opt out of, which basically filters out comments that it considers “toxic”, which has been resulting in some people’s comments getting put into moderation against my wishes.  I’ve removed the rule so it shouldn’t keep happening, but if your comments go missing, DON’T PANIC and rage quit the blog, just shoot me an e-mail because I likely just need to manually approve them as a worst-case scenario.

Also, with Revolution this weekend, I’d like to once again thanks those who ordered the show through my affiliate link on Fite, and would request that if you’re planning on ordering the show from there, please do so at the following link because I make a couple of bucks off it for the blog:



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