Wrestling With Feelings

At what point did all all the top wrestling journalists realize that in order for them to stay successful and get those clicks they have to suck up to AEW? The Shaq match is a perfect example. It was barely passable but all the well known guys were just gushing all over it, almost afraid being honest will get them ignored for interview requests and attacked by AEW marks because God forbid you criticize AEW. The build up sucked, the women were terrible, and Cody's no sell of that powerbomb alone should have caused a ton of outrage. It will be forgotten in a month and obviously TK realized how bad it would be because he let Barely Walking Matt Hardy main event instead. You can say opening the show was to suck fans in but with the minimal ratings pop they got that doesn't look to have worked either. And no one is really pointing any of this out, actually besides you. I am sure you got a real Karen email from Tony about that review you gave them. 

I am not talking about Uncle Dave either, as he clearly has his issues with WWE for awhile and is always going to go against them. Plus regardless of what he thinks he is pretty irrelevant when it comes to mainstream which is why he sticks to catering to the super marks. I mean the awards he gave out had like 1500 votes, I have seen Facebook polls about cute puppies with more action. That's what makes the uproar hilarious because the slammies have more prestige to them. And yes we know he didn't pick the winners but the choices alone he gave should prove what little credibility he has. Plus wasn't Tony Khan there for a circle tug the day they were announced, thats not random. He obviously is catering to the biggest mark of them all.

I get trying to be positive and can't everyone like what they want, but it also seems like the cool thing to do is also bash WWE while turning a blind eye to everyone else. During the Rumble build all you heard about why does some people have to qualify and others can to just say they are in. But I haven't heard anyone question why Cody and the surprise entrant just got to be in the ladder match this weekend while others had to qualify? WWE does plenty to be trashed weekly and deserve it, but is it too much to expect all promotions being held to the same standards? Also do Jericho and Cody just drive around Vince's neighborhood hoping he seems them in a car with Tony Khan so he gets jealous, like move on already and stop with the never ending comments. You know can say next question when someone brings up WWE. But hey Vince just for a billion dollars to stream wwe network alone and Tony got $175 million so guess that's comparable. 

Tell em Steve-Dave!