NXT Major Announcement

So I'm sure you've heard Regal will make a major announcement that will “change the landscape of NXT forever”. He made this comment directly after being asked about the NXT women getting screwed out of the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship.

So obviously NXT Women's Tag titles are coming. However, is this enough of an announcement to change the landscape of NXT forever? What if the overall bigger announcement is that NXT is breaking away from WWE in on-screen storyline terms? He's going to use a WWE athority figure getting involved in an NXT match as an excuse to become their own entity.

Now with the Peacock deal, NXT will be on there, not the WWE Network. From an on-screen aspect, it's really not needed anymore to have that association. WWE NXT and WWE NXT UK are a little redundant at this point, eh?

I’m not really sure I see the upside to your proposal, to be honest.  Plus they’re still on the WWE Network literally everywhere else in the world that’s not the US.