Thursday Night PRIME TIME Thread: March 4, 2021

“Brain, I can’t believe we have to do this on location.”

“Why won’t they let us in the studio?”

“You know why!  We went to Ric Flair’s birthday party last week and now we have to quarantine!”

“Look, it’s not my fault we all woke up three days later in Tahiti!”

“How did we even get there?  Didn’t they revoke Ric Flair’s passport after he came back from the UK without his robes?”

“Monsoon, when you’re a guy like Ric Flair, people will just do favors for you.  How do you think we got the bar tab paid?”

“Well, if that’s what happened, I guess I — wait, where’d my watch go?”

“Uh… hey, we got some great action tonight!  Let’s go to the ring for our feature bout!”

“Brain, come back here!”

(Bring the insanity.)