Nasty Boys WWF run

Hey Scott, the Summerslam Spectacular 92 rant reminded me of that odd Nasties run. They came in in December 90 iirc, win the tag straps a few months later (how does one get nr 1 contender this fast anyway?), drop them to LOD at Summerslam 91 and had very little to do afterwards until their lukewarm face turn in the fall of the following year. That never went anywhere (no Headshrinkers PPV match as built upon, no big title match against Money Inc) and they left after WM9.

Did Vince lose interest in them that quickly after a huge push coming in? Did their shtick get old fast? Was obnoxious Knobbs too much backstage?

I'd say they kind of ran out of things to do with them, plus the babyface turn didn't really work particularly well.  They were never really a great fit for the WWF in the first place and I think it was more a case of Vince signing them to fuck with WCW more than anything.