Did Dark Side of the Ring Nuke Dr Death Steve Williams’s legacy from orbit?

So on a recent podcast of his (clip here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoPhSSAczX0&t=963s), Jim Cornette all but outright accused Dark Side of the Ring and the Brawl For All episode of irrevocably destroying Dr Death Steve Williams' legacy and reputation; recasting him as a washed up never-was who was JR's personal pet wrestler, who was exposed as a fake “tough guy” and who's only thing of note career-wise, was losing to Bart Gunn in a fight. 

Do you think the Brawl For All episode has done as Cornette said, in terms of reducing Williams to a joke status and wiped out all of his Japanese/Miracle Violence Connection work, along with his late 80s stuff in the US and made him look like a joke creator's pet who wasn't worth the hype?
Jesse Baker 

I guess if all you watch is WWE, sure.  But he didn’t have much of a legacy with that audience anyway, which was kind of the problem in the first place.