What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – November 28, 1995

Sabu’s return to ECW, which aired at the end of last week’s telecast, kicks off the show.  Joey Styles marks out on commentary, but it is too much and detracts from the segment.

A lengthy video package puts over Sabu.

Buh Buh Ray Dudley gets Konnan’s autograph backstage.  Rey Misterio, Jr. is with Konnan.  Dances with Dudley gets on Konnan’s nerves, so Bub Buh, with a crutch shot from Big Dick Dudley, apologizes to the Mexican legend.

Konnan’s squash of Jason at November to Remember is shown.

ECW Championship Match:  Mikey Whipwreck (Champion) (10-6) beats Rey Misterio, Jr. (2-1) with a la magistral cradle at 2:41 shown:

This match is shown from the “ECW Fan Cam” and took place in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania the day before November to Remember.  It is clipped to the high spots as Whipwreck and Misterio exchange somersault planchas.  Misterio nearly wins the title with a super hurricanrana and cannot escape a la magistral cradle shortly thereafter.

Steve Austin tells Lance Wright over the phone that he will win the ECW Championship on December 9.  After the call a graphic announces that Whipwreck will defend the ECW Championship against Austin and the Sandman in a triangle match on December 9 at the ECW Arena for “December to Disremember.”

Wright puts over a house show in Redding, Pennsylvania that will see Raven face Whipwreck for the ECW Championship.

A video package recaps the Tod Gordon-Bill Alfonso and Beulah McGillicutty-Bill Alfonso feuds.

The Gordon-Alfonso match at November to Remember, along with Taz’s heel turn is shown.

Styles interviews a bloodied Alfonso, who brags about his win at November to Remember and hilariously quips about issuing an opening challenge to everyone in ECW because he wants to wear a title.  When Styles dismisses him as crazy Taz comes into the screen.  Taz threatens to beatdown Styles if he insults Alfonso again.

After a commercial break, Alfonso says that anyone that has a problem with him has to go through Taz.

A promo montage sees Stevie Richards talk about how he would have to face Tommy Dreamer, the Pitbulls, and the Public Enemy alone in a cage if he loses an Ultimate Jeopardy match and it freaks him out.  The Pitbulls and Francine warn the Public Enemy that they had better be loyal to their side of the Ultimate Jeopardy match.  The Pitbulls also brag about their resilience in overcoming recent injuries while Francine complains about breaking a nail when she attacked Jason at November to Remember.  The Enemy echo those words and also warn Tommy Dreamer that if he gets out of line, they will shave his head for him.  Cactus Jack, wearing a suit, says he will not be at the next ECW show because of prior commitments but would appreciate if ECW fans would quit encouraging Dreamer to be hardcore.  He also shows off how he does not have one of his ears so he cannot wear glasses or put a pencil behind the ear affected.  Flossing is also easy because he is missing his front teeth.  Buh Buh Ray Dudley hits on Beulah McGillicutty.  Dreamer says that if he loses his hair in Ultimate Jeopardy, he loses his life.  The Eliminators vow to eliminate the Pitbulls because that is what they have to come to ECW to do.  The Sandman proclaims himself proud to be politically incorrect.  And Bill Alfonso says he is invincible now that Taz is protecting him.

The Last Word:  Taz’s heel turn is a great way to keep Bill Alfonso’s character fresh and that was a big focus of this broadcast.  ECW could do more to clarify the Ultimate Jeopardy match as fans had to sift through the promo montage to figure out what was going on.  That concept was always a good one, though, and is worth reviving by a major promotion today.  On the whole, the show was an average effort because the matches took a backseat to angle development.

ECW visited Reading, Pennsylvania on December 1.  Here were the results of that card, courtesy of thehistoryofwwe.com:

Reading, Pennsylvania – Bodyslams Arena – December 1, 1995 (350):  Hack Myers beat Stevie Richards…J.T. Smith beat the Blue Meanie…George Love defeated Ranger Seven…Bruiser Mastino beat the Dark Ninja (the Rockin’ Robel)…The Pitbulls defeated the Eliminators in a match where 911 and Taz were the special guest referees…The Public Enemy beat Buh Buh Ray Dudley & Dances with Dudley after Rocco Rock pinned Dances with a roll up.  After the match, a brawl involving raven, the Eliminators, the Pitbulls, and Tommy Dreamer broke out and the Heavenly Bodies aided Raven’s team…ECW Champion Mikey Whipwreck pinned Raven…Tommy Dreamer beat Tom Prichard (substituting for Steve Austin) via disqualification.

Backstage News*:  There are some concerns that recent moves to ban UFC fights could apply to hardcore wrestling.  Mark Shiffrin, Connecticut’s commissioner of the state Department of Consumer Protection, stated on December 4 that he did not believe ECW’s style of wrestling would be permitted under the state’s existing laws should they be enforced.

*The original plans for the Ultimate Jeopardy match have been tweaked as the Heavenly Bodies will replace Cactus Jack (and presumably Stevie Richards).

*Steve Austin missed the house show in Reading because he missed his flight.  WWF executive Bruce Prichard was backstage at the Reading show as well.  The Reading show featured the WWF’s Mantaur (Bruiser Mastino) but that is not a sign he is coming into the promotion because local promoter Damien Kane is the one who booked him.  The same was true of the Rockin’ Rebel, who had to work under a hood as a compromise with Paul Heyman, who did not want to use the Rebel after firing him a while back.

*In talent relations news, it appears certain that the Public Enemy are headed to ECW and will finish up with the promotion in early January.

*Backstage news is sourced from Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for December 11.

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