SNME Question

Okay, so I feel like I know my WWF history pretty well, but you taught me something new this week: exactly what was the restriction on promotion of WWF PPVs during Saturday Night’s Main Event?  How long was it in place, to what events did
it apply, and what was the reasoning (to the extent we know)?



As much as I could infer from the Observers at the time, the idea was that NBC was doing Vince a rather large favor by letting him promote his circus in the plum SNL timeslot, and they didn't want him using it to work a side-hustle and shill that new “PPV” thing that the cable companies were a bit wary about.  Also, I believe there was concern (especially with WM3) that hyping the Sunday shows would siphon off football viewership (or whatever sportsball was being shown by NBC on PPV days at that point).  Which is valid.  And I think their concerns were well-founded, because by the end of the relationship Vince was basically using SNME/Main Event as another cheap hype outlet for WM7 and came off really badly with it.