Owen Hart – Main Eventer

Hi Scott,

A while back, you mentioned that Owen wasn't main event material and he didn't have the promo skills and didn't draw during his run and I have to ask… really?

Maybe I misunderstood your comments but I totally bought Owen as a snivelly ingrate brother and totally wanted to see him get his head handed to him.  Yeah, he had a little bit of the Jinder Mahal problem but once he legit out-wrestled Bret at WM10, that shouldn't have been a problem.  Yeah, the PPVs he headlined drew nothing but it was '94 and everything was down and downer.  No one ever blamed UT or Bret or any of the other main eventers for those years. And they didn't blame HBK for '96.  Personally, I totally could've bought a long-term World Title program with HBK, with Owen as the obnoxious whiner which would've made HBK look why more credible as the cool champ.

I just never understood it.  Owen seemed like the peanut butter and jelly of wrestling. Almost as good at wrestling as Bret, with high-flying skills and perfect mic skills for his character.  He was a terrible face but so what? So was HHH and that never stopped him from main eventing everything ever.

It just seems amazing to me that Owen was able to remain at least a credible upper-mid-carder off one fluke rollup while HHH had to be smashed over everyone for nearly a year before anyone bought him as main eventer.  They couldn't have booked him a LITTLE bit better with a couple more well-placed wins?

Not everyone is cut out to be a main event guy and frankly I don’t think Owen would have been happy in that position.  He was great in the role he inhabited, the annoying weasel mid carder who could carry the tag belts and the IC belt, but I think being on top would have burned him out too fast.