Dave is on the AEW Payroll

Killing the Business is Book of the Year? 300 pages of the Young Bucks jacking each other off about how great they are, when Eighth Wonder of the World by Bertand Herbert and Pat Laprade is right there?

I mean, I never had a lot of respect for the Observer book award because Dave never gave your books much consideration, but this goes a long way towards me believing that the WON “voters” are really just Meltzer making s--- up as he goes…

Dave himself was on Observer Radio yesterday saying that the Bucks book shouldn’t have won. It’s a vote, it’s not like he just picks the results.  In fact if he was, he would have just picked his own book.  I’d also throw the Jim Ross book out there as something that should have won too.  But it didn’t win, which is what sometimes happens in a democracy.