Was Miz requested?

Nbc paid a mint for the network.  Wrestlemania is can be seen by everyone who has peacock.  Peacock is free to everyone with Xfinity/comcast. 

So safe to say. More people than ever will have access to wrestle MANIA. Do you think NBC requested some more mainstream appeal with the Miz?  I know it sounds like a joke as I am typing.  

Also- do you think Mania will now have some big guns come back. Rock,Cena, Brock, Taker etc? 

Xfinity is huge in the northeast. This can be a huge thing for WWE. I hope you read through this after I implied Miz is mainstream appeal.  

Keep doing the (war) lords work. 



Yup, I’m pretty sure the billion dollar deal was contingent on the Miz main eventing Wrestlemania.  100%.