The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 08.17.85

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 08.17.85

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Joel Watts & Jim Ross

Meanwhile, all the kids are talking about that Superdome show where Bill Watts got pinned by Kamala and now he has to leave Mid-South for 90 days.  Let us take you back there for the ending of the match, as Duggan is running wild, but Akbar pulls down the rope and puts him on the floor, leaving Cowboy to fight off Kamala and Zambuie Express by himself.  They try to throw a fireball in Bill’s face, but Duggan recovers and makes the save, leaving Watts to beat Akbar with his own riding crop to get some revenge.  But then a mystery ninja runs in, kicks Watts right in the heart, and Kamala gets the pin to send Watts out of the territory for 90 days.

Skandor Akbar and his new mystery ninja, who is apparently a Puerto Rican assassin named El Cassario (?) representing the terrorist group El Faln…and I can’t even finish wherever that sentence was going because I’m too deep in the hole now already.  Anyway, the guy does what looks like Thai Bo poses in the background while Akbar rants.

Meanwhile, back at the Superdome, Dick Murdoch wins the North American title, THANK GOD, putting the Nightmare down once and for all with the brainbuster after turning his mask around to blind him.  That’s pretty clever.

El Corsario v. Mark Ragin

Ah, it’s actually “El Corsario”.  You know, when Akbar was going on about how he’s a Puerto Rican assassin and martial arts expert, I was jokingly thinking to myself that there could only be one person who fits that bill, but it would be too early for him.  BUT NOPE, not too early.  I shit you not, it’s actually SAVIO VEGA making his pro debut in the US as the ninja here.  Corsario breaks a couple of boards with his feet to show his KARATE CRED, and then puts Ragin down with a trademark Kwang kick and then finishes him off with another superkick at 1:30. These shows can still blow my mind sometimes.  For me this was one of those things where you don’t expect two eras of wrestling to intersect like that and catches you completely off-guard.

Meanwhile, back at the Superdome, special referee Bruiser Bob Sweetan screws Jake Roberts out of the tag team titles in a cage match.  Pretty good match, actually.

Meanwhile, Ted Dibiase cuts a promo letting us know that he’s leaving for Japan for 30 days, so he’s letting Bob Sweetan defend the belts in his place.  If he was leaving why didn’t they just have him drop the titles first?

Dr. Death Steve Williams & Bruiser Bob Sweetan v. Dale Williams & Mike Nichols

Sweetan sadly is a native of Saskatoon, although I’m assuming he’s currently residing in hell and getting raped by demons if we’re lucky because he was a complete piece of shit who didn’t deserve to live as long as he did.  Williams drops one of the jobbers on the ropes and Sweetan finishes him off with a kneedrop at 1:50.

The Nightmare v. Al Perez

Nightmare works the arm on Perez, but Al walks the ropes and flips out of it and then reverses him into a hammerlock.  Nightmare puts him down with a clothesline and drops an elbow, but Perez makes another comeback and hits a flying forearm before firing up with his LATIN TEMPER.  But then Nightmare loads up his mask and headbutts Perez, busting Al’s pretty face open.  Nightmare pounds away on the cut, but Al’s hot Latin blood is flowing now, so Humperdink trips him up and that’s a DQ at 4:13.  And then Perez continues his comeback and sends Nightmare running (as fast as Randy Colley ever moved at least) to win the battle.  I would have just put Perez over here and been done with it but this was still a good little showcase for Perez.

Humongous v. Pat Rose

Humongous attacks in the corner and puts Rose down with an elbow as we’ve had four matches in a row with masked monster heels.  I’m counting Sweetan because he’s so ugly that he might as well be wearing a mask.  Cobra clutch finishes at 1:00.

Mixed match:  Bill Dundee & Little Tokyo v. Wendell Cooley & Little Coco

Kind of unfair that the heel side has two midgets and the babyfaces only have one.  Cooley works a facelock on Dundee, but Tokyo comes in to save and ends up taking out his own partner.  Over to the little people and Coco gets a dropkick on Tokyo, but Tokyo chops him and brings Dundee back in.  And then the ref gets bumped, so Dundee beats the crap out of Little Tokyo and drops an elbow on him.  OK, I laughed at that one.  But then the Fantastics run in, take out Dundee in retribution, and put Little Coco on top of Dundee for the pin at 2:40.  OK, that was pretty good and Bill Dundee is always game to take his medicine, so this was a lot of fun.

Eddie Gilbert v. Brody Chase

Week 3 of Eddie Gilbert as a babyface in 1985.  Real thing that happened.  Chase tries working the arm but Gilbert sends him into the corner for a knee, and then goes up and drops a knee off the middle rope for the pin at 1:40.

Meanwhile, we get a Joel Watts video about Jake Roberts and Barbarian, and the generic guitar riff overdubbed here would lead me to believe they were using “Round and Round” by Ratt originally.

Bill Dundee stops by the desk and yells at Joel Watts.  “ARE YOU GONNA LET THAT VICTORY BY A MIDGET OVER ME STAND?”  Joel:  “Yes.”  Nice.  Dundee ranting about losing to a midget while Joel smirks at him is all really funny stuff.

Pretty enjoyable episode this week and I like they’re immediately moving Nightmare down and trying to push new people after the Superdome, kind of like a post-Wrestlemania reset.