The IMPACT has been soft

Now that's it has been some weeks passed since the co-promtion between AEW and Impact, is it safe to say….what was the point?? Omega had one match there and Private Party showed up with Matt Hardy. No one from impact outside of the good brothers have even been mentioned on Dynamite. Not the world champ, the women's champ, not even Tommy Dreamer.

It's beginning to look like a complete joke of a relationship with Tony Khan trying his best to downgrade Impact every week on THEIR OWN SHOW. Which isn't hard to do when Matt Striker screaming like a moron at every damn match like he's broadcasting a best of 7 between Flair and Steamboat. Should we wait it out some more?

I mean, Impact's ratings have mostly gone up as a result of the relationship, and the Good Brothers are on AEW TV every week now.  Not sure what else people want out of this, to be honest.  It's a net positive for me thus far.