Miz as Sleight of Hand

I actually think this Miz thing is a brilliant play by the WWE. Lashley is a decent opponent for McIntyre for a regular PPV, but they already got the most out of that they could when they wrestled last year. Neither of their characters or wrestling styles have really changed since. It’s definitely an underwhelming Wrestlemania main event for sure.

So how to get people not to hate it? Put the title on Miz, let him be a lightning rod for Internet disapproval, and then switch it to Lashley. Everyone will be so relieved that Miz isn’t champion that they won’t bother to be dissatisfied with Lashley. People will probably STILL be hating on Miz when Wrestlemania comes around, even though he’s doubtlessly going to lose the belt within the next couple weeks. I think this is a smart sleight of hand, although I don’t approve of it. Of course, it would have been easier to just, you know, find a quality opponent for McIntyre in the first place, but still. Thoughts?

Are we still talking about the Miz today?  That was so 2 days ago.