Miz, the first jobber to become WWE champion?

Since defeating Otis for the Money in the Bank contract at Hell in a cell last October and before becoming the WWE champion, The Miz has wrestled 19 bouts. He only won four of them and lost 15, including a handicap match he lost with Morrison to Drew McIntyre (source: wrestling historian and author Pat Laprade).

Does that make The Miz the first ever jobber to become WWE champion? Is this the equivalent of Marty Jannetty or Damian Demento suddenly winning the big prize?

That brings me another question. Who was the weakest WWE champion in history? I’m not wondering who was the worst or drew the least, but who was the lowest in the food chain at the moment where the title was suddenly put around his waist.

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Gotta go with Jinder Mahal there.