WWE Champion Bad Bunny

Why not? The Miz is a joke, so Bad Bunny winning the title from him wouldn't be that out line.

And if the end game is Lashley killing someone to win it, wouldnt he get a lot more out of squashing a worldwide A-list celebrity instead of a C-list celebrity? 

They should just go for it. Ratings for Raw have been going down after the Rumble, which I can never remember happening on the Road to WrestleMania. Do something crazy.

I know this says more about how badly WWE has booked stars in the past year, but isnt a Miz/Bad Bunny WWE Title match one of the best matches (from an interest perspective) they can promote? Let's get weird. 

I mean, in the grand scheme of things, if Bad Bunny really is the world's biggest pop star right now, then you might as well ride that gravy train while you've got it.  It's just still so weird that he's so far out of my pop culture bubble that I'd never even heard of him or one of his songs before this started.  I mean, I know who BTS are and what their deal is, even if I couldn't tell you one of their songs or pick any of them out of a lineup, so it's not like I'm just blind to everything outside of old Tom Petty albums.  

Anyway, yeah, putting the belt on Bunny couldn't devalue it any more than letting Miz keep it for more than a week would, so I say go for it!