Omega / Jericho III


When AEW had Jericho beat Kenny to get back his win from their New Japan match, it felt like a deciding match was inevitable. But their paths haven't really crossed in the almost two years since and I wonder if it is too late now. Jericho is clearly slower than he has ever been, and I am skeptical that he has another PPV main event left in him. Although maybe if AEW dangles that carrot he can get in shape one more time and they can use smoke and mirrors for the rest. Or, you would think even current Jericho could pop a decent TV rating with Kenny. So what do you think? One more PPV match, maybe Double or Nothing two years after the second match? A TV match? Or just let it be?

Can you phrase the question in a way that involves the Miz?  Because that seems to be the hot button topic this morning and I'd like to cash in on it while I can because February is always a shit month for ad revenue and the year webhosting bill is due at the end of the month.