Miz, Savior of the WWE

Can I hope that Vince will FINALLY strap the rocket onto Miz and push him as the face of the company? I've LONG defended Miz and his potential, and now that he's champion, can Vince get on the train and have Miz beat Roman, reunify the belts and send Reigns permanently packing to Hollywood to be Rock's gopher and push Miz as the face of the WWE? I mean, Miz/Bryan can easily carry the company as a major feud to anchor the company for a couple of years given their history, not to mention all of the fresh match-ups one you start sending the Coles and Ciampas and Garganos off of NXT to Raw to fight Miz. And more to the point, if the WWE is ever going to pull the trigger on bringing back the Four Horsemen stable before AEW says “fuck it, we're doing it”, Miz would make for a perfect heir apparent to Flair to anchor it, with Morrison effectively becoming Miz's Arn Anderson to embody his own ceiling career-wise?


Finally Jesse Baker is here to be the voice of reason!