Blog Question: Title Matches at Mania

Hi Scott

With them seemingly rushing to put something together for Drew with either Lashley or Miz for the Raw Title Match do you not think they would have been better running Edge against Drew and then having the SD match that people seemingly want to see in Reigns/Bryan?

I'm sure Reigns/Edge will be good (and there's nothing that wrong with Drew/Lashley) but could they not have told the same story with Edge chasing one last title against McIntyre and then ran the ultra-obvious, six years in the making match of Reigns/Bryan?

Was this too obvious?
That booking was just so weird.  Why build up to the big title shot for Bryan and then beat him in a minute?  It just felt like such an FU to the fanbase.  You could just as easily done that to KO to finish off that feud once and for all.  Or Sami Zayn, because it's always hilarious when he gets smoked.  
Anyway, they still have time to change their minds, because cards are subject to change as you may have heard a time or two, so hopefully the crowd reactions will once again convince them to change their minds on Bryan.