Leaping Bo Dallas

So all this talk about Bo Dallas being under contract but not being used has people scratching their heads. Not that I or many others were clamoring for him but it does seem weird to pay him to just stand around doing nothing for a whole year… until you realize
it sounds similar to the deal Lanny Poffo supposely had with WCW. You know, the one where he got paid to do jacksquat because he's Macho Man's brother.

Which leads me to this question: do you think the WWE are keeping him around as a favor to Bray Wyatt? Maybe to keep him happy and productive in the Fiend role they have put plenty of time and effort into, though I can't see him really having that much power
backstage. Or is it really just “we're keeping him because *shrug shoulders*”?

Thanks again and as always, love the blog.

Meltzer commented on it on the radio show a few months ago and summed it up as “He's still under contract but he's dropped off the face of the earth and no one knows why”.  Honestly they're not likely to be paying him very much anyway so it's probably just not worth releasing him at this point.