Can we criticize AEW for a moment?

Since arguing about AEW is such a hot topic around here, I figure I'd throw this out there: Is anyone, even huge fans of AEW, excited for this Cody/Shaq tag team match? They did one pre-tape with Shaq and Brandi and are coasting on Jade Cargill's anti-charisma in the world of professional wrestling. Cody's cooled considerably since he lost the TNT Title the first time, and Red Velvet, while doing a decent job on Dark for months, isn't the avatar for Brandi to really get excited for. Even if WWE wasn't loading up NXT that week, I'd fear a disappointing number, because there's no cross-over appeal in wrestling these days. I say all this as a fairly pro-AEW poster here, in case there's those curious about the motives behind the email.

HOW DARE YOU SIR.  Nah I'm kidding the angle is terrible and doesn't make any sense.  Not to mention that we have no indication of who or what a Jade Cargill is and why we should care and how she's supposed to be connected to Shaq in the first place or why she hates Cody or why Shaq hates Cody.  As noted by others, maybe if they had more interesting people involved rather than Jade and Brandi's mini-me the whole thing wouldn't be such a slog, but at this point Cody seems more invested in his hillbilly talent show anyway.  And hey, good for him, branching out into the mainstream can only help him.