Better than the rest

Sir – I was thinking about your recent comments about Roman Reigns and how he’s so head and shoulders above the rest of the roster right now that it makes it difficult to find a suitable WrestleMania opponent for him.  So here’s my question……..

Is Reigns the best example of this?  I can’t think of a time when the top star of the company was SO much better and seemed like such a bigger star than the rest of the roster that it was a problem.  I mean Austin had Rock, Hogan had Savage.  Has it ever been more one sided than it is now?

It was getting to that point with Brock Lesnar for a while.  It's definitely that way with WALTER now as well.  I mean, in a way it's a good problem to have a star so big that you can't find anyone to believably challenge him, though.